covid 19 response

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Dear Patients and Friends,

I appreciate all the care and concern expressed on my behalf. As many of you know my COVID19 test came back positive after an eleven day wait. It is unknown where I came in contact with a carrier, but it is believed that the symptoms started approximately March 8. At that time it really came across like Bronchitis which I am prone to get because of seasonal environmental allergies. On March 11th I left the office without seeing any patients and went straight to my physician because I simply did not feel well. There was no temperature at that time. At the advice of my physician, I went home to rest. On my own accord I chose to stay home, self-quarantined in my bedroom from the rest of my family. Along the way I was recalled for a COVID19 test when they finally came available. It took 11 days for the results to be returned. I was the first patient in Duncan with a positive diagnosis and the first patient to get well. I stayed home until I was feeling much better and fever free for 6 days. The patients seen on 3-9 and 3-10 were interviewed by the Health Department as were my staff, wife (who cared for me when I was sick) and family that live at home. None have shown any symptoms at all.

I was never in the hospital or on a ventilator as some rumors purported. All of the rumors that have gotten back to me that included I saw patients after I was diagnosed are totally false. All of the protocols from the CDC and the ADA (American Dental Association) were met and I was well past the point of being contagious when I was approved to return back to work by the Health Department and my physician on a limited basis because of the
“Shelter at Home Mandate” from Governor Stitt and fully supported by the Oklahoma Dental Association. We are seeing Emergencies, Extractions with infection and very limited restorative work based on preventing or eliminating infection until 4/30. At that time we will act based on recommendation accorded by the state, ADA and CDC.

Please remember we are well trained in infection control at a level to deal with Aids, Hepatitis B and Ebola. We practice Universal Precautions with every patient, using professional grade hand sanitizer, mask, gloves and eye protection. Currently the few patients we are seeing are instructed to wait in their cars and call us when they arrive. We call them when the doctor is finished with the patient at that time and then they are called in for their appointment. When they come into the building they are instructed to use our hand sanitizer and we take their temperature. When seated they rinse with Chlorhexidine which is a powerful antimicrobial before any procedure is started. These are the same protocols being used by every Dentist in Stephens County. Until this Pandemic passes we will continue to use enhanced Universal Precautions. As always we are grateful for our amazing patients for their understanding and patience during these difficult times. I want to commend my Staff for being with me all these many years and we will always strive to earn your trust with Professionalism, Thoroughness and Compassion.


Dr. Rob Schick


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