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As many of you may realize, insurance companies and benefits are always changing. With some carriers, our office may be in-network, with others out of network, and coverage may change at any time without notification. Someone who has the same insurance company as you could have different coverage than you.

Please understand that we offer our patients a complimentary review of their benefits, however, this is a courtesy and not a guarantee of coverage or payment. Any information you receive from us in regards to your insurance may not reflect changes in coverage that may have been made by your insurance company.

We highly recommend you call your insurance company for any information or questions regarding coverage and benefits. It is important to stay current and knowledgeable about your insurance. We would be more than happy to answer any questions we can, but keep in mind your coverage and benefits details are ultimately between you and your insurance company.

Finally, please remember that the only concern for an insurance company is to make a profit. Only you and your doctor have your health and well being as a first priority. Bearing this in mind, while insurance is a great help in achieving and maintaining good health, sometimes the coverage or policy provisions can begin to heavily influence treatment choices. We are always glad to help answer any questions and help you receive the type of care that you value and deserve.


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