Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Many teeth whitening systems are available, including In-Office treatments, custom fabricated tray-based whiteners, whitening toothpastes, over-the-counter gels, rinses, strips, and trays.

Teeth whitening is ideal for people who have healthy, unrestored teeth (no fillings) and healthy gums. Individuals with yellow tones to their teeth respond best. But this cosmetic procedure is not recommended for everyone.

If you bleach restored teeth they may become lighter than the fillings.  You can replace those darker fillings if you like. You cannot bleach crowns or bridges and make them lighter.

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In-Office Whitening

In-office bleaching provides the quickest way to whiten teeth. With in-office bleaching, the whitening product is applied directly to the teeth. These products are used in combination with a special light. Results are seen in only one, 30- to 60-minute treatment. But to achieve dramatic results, several appointments are usually needed and are used in conjunction with custom fabricated bleaching trays and professional-strength bleaching gel.  With in-office bleaching, dramatic results can be seen after the first treatment. This type of whitening is the most expensive technique.

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