Patient Letters

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Read what patients are saying about their visits to Dr. Schick:

I want to thank you for giving me back my smile. You also gave me a reason to smile. Due to years of neglect and six months of chemotherapy and radiation my teeth were gone, falling out and breaking off. A hopeless situation I thought. Dr. Schick, you made an assessment we couldn’t save any of my teeth. You removed all of my remaining teeth with the least amount of pain. As I healed you discovered a lot of problems with the bone chips. You took the time to prepare my gums, taking care of my bone problems so I could wear dentures in comfort. It was a big success. I now have my dentures that fit perfectly and look natural. I can eat again and my self-esteem is much improved.

Thank you Dr. Schick and staff,

Joe C. Fambrough Sr.

I could not be more pleased with the care I received from Dr. Robert Schick and his staff. I lost teeth early in life and always struggled to chew and enjoy foods that I liked. With my new implant supported dentures, I have absolutely no limitations. It’s great to be able to chew and enjoy all the foods I like. Thank you for the great care and attention to detail. Dr. Schick worked together with my oral surgeon, Dr. Perry Brooks, through the whole process to ensure the best results. Dr. Schick and his staff exceeded all my expectations.

Bill Michel

Comanche, OK

I have hesitated in writing this letter, simply because I was not sure this dental procedure was as good as it was said to be.

After having my implants and H-Bar for about 6 months, I now can truthfully say, this has been worth every penny.  I can now eat all sorts of food, such as apples, nuts, corn on the cob and more.  It’s almost like having your realy teeth, and you don’t have to use all that glue to hold your dentures in place.

The implants done by Dr. Perry Brooks and the dentures and H-Bar by Dr. Robert Schick was very professional, I was always kept well informed and looked after from start to finish of this procedure.  Again, to me this has been worth every penny.

I found out about the implants, H-Bar and dentures through my wife, who had regular dentures made by Dr. Schick.  She has had dentures since early childhood and this is the first set that has ever fit perfectly, without glue, pain or slippage.  She can eat everything she wants to, talk clearly, and she can even whistle.  She is absolutely ecstatice with her dentures.

Thank you so very much to you and your staff.


David Taylor

I have periodontal gum disease and it was in the advanced stage. I’d wake up each morning with dried blood on my teeth and lips. Every time I would brush my teeth my gums would bleed. My gums hurt all the time. My teeth were so loose; I honestly don’t know what kept them from falling out.

I started going to Dr Schick at Southwest Dental and seeing Lynda Goetz RDH. Dr. Schick and Lynda worked long and hard on my mouth.

Lynda put me on periodontal maintenance and had me coming in every three months to get my teeth cleaned. Let me tell you I hated it because my teeth and gums were so sensitive and it would hurt. But I kept up with it and now my teeth and gums are healthy. I know I’ll have my teeth forever now. I continue with the periodontal maintenance but now its every four months.

Dr. Schick says its 30% them and 70% me, but it’s like I told him it took their 30% to get to my 70%. If it wasn’t for Dr. Schick and Lynda Goetz talking to and teaching me what I needed to do, never making me feel degraded, I wouldn’t have any teeth.

I would like to give Dr. Schick and Lynda Goetz a special thank you for never making me feel embarrassed or ashamed.

Thank You

Angie T.

Dr. Schick and Staff,

I have just recently received my new dentures. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of you.

Each one of you were so pleasant and patient with me. I had such a horrible experience with a denture center just a few months before coming to you. The dentures I received from them did not fit. I was more than skeptical about trying again.

You took the time to measure and fit the new dentures to my mouth and returned them to the lab to get them centered correctly. You made sure the open distance was correct. You were so meticulous about each phase of the fitting process. It was obvious all of you care about the finished product and the patient as well.

I was so impressed with the fact that just 2 days after picking up the dentures I was able to leave the state for a 4 day family function. I had no problem with the dentures. I was able to enjoy all of the finger foods served at the reception. The teeth fit so well my sister made the comment when she first saw me wearing them that “you don’t look like you are wearing someone else’s teeth anymore”, which is the ultimate goal, for the dentures to look like your natural teeth.

I smile a lot these days, thanks to all of you.

Leta Feldmeier

My first visit to Dr. Schick’s office was to bring my 96 year old grandmother who had recently moved to Duncan from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Grandmother was in assisted living at Sterling House and had lost her lower dentures before the move.  Grandmother could be a little stubborn and at 96 years – that was OK.  When Dr. Schick started the exam she decided no way was she going to let him look in her mouth, but she did burst out in song!  To my surprise Dr. Schick sang along with her gaining her trust and letting him continue the exam.  From that moment, I knew Dr. Schick was the dentist for me.  I had recently transferred to a job in Duncan and had not yet chosen a dentist but after this experience I knew who my dentist would be.  I knew I had many dental needs and Dr. Schick worked out a plan to get all the work done.  Dr. Schick is a perfectionist and from root canals, crowns, and veneers to dental implants- we have done just about everything!  I have total confidence in Dr. Schick and whatever he recommends to me, I will do it. Before Dr. Schick was my dentist I had never had anyone say “you have beautiful teeth” or “you have a beautiful smile” but now that happens a lot; to which I reply “Thanks to my dear friend and dentist, Dr. Schick!”


Sue Strickland

Dear Dr. Schick,

I want to thank you for taking care of my teeth for many years.  When I needed a denture you and your dad, Dr. Bob Schick have always given me a perfect fit.  Later when I needed a partial for the lower, you again made a partial that fit and worked well.  After many years though the partial wore out and was difficult to keep tightened.  After discussing the options, I decided to follow your suggestion and reconstruct the lower jaw with dental implants to replace the missing teeth and save the remaining teeth. I agreed to have it done, had the teeth with poor prognosis extracted and 4 implants placed.  The entire procedure was done with very little discomfort.  I have had a wonderful experience with them.  Having Dental implants placed is the only way to go to replace the teeth that I had lost.  They are like my natural teeth.  Thank you for improving my quality of life and showing me a better way with implants.


Margaret Helton

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