Diane St. Clair

Diane St. Clair - Dental Assistant

Diane St. Clair

I am Diane (Di) St. Clair. I’m married to Jay St. Clair and have 2 daughters ages 26 and 30.
I have returned to work as a dental assistant with Dr. Rob Schick and his wonderful staff after a 17 year absence. I have spent 35 years in this profession including the last 15 years with Dr. Rodney Nelson before his retirement. Since that time I have spent my time in the family business, but a passion for the profession of Dentistry continued to call me. I have been given an opportunity to work for this outstanding dental practice, once again doing something I dearly love. I want to share my experience with our patients, along with some laughter, hopefully giving them a sense of comfort during their dental visits.
I look forward to meeting you!

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